Art Lover

If color is inspiring, then art is pure enlightenment. Please allow me to introduce to you a few artists that I love working with. Each has their own style and will be happy to create a custom piece for you. I can present color direction, size, framing and arrangement on behalf of your project, but the finished art that they create for you will be one of a kind. If you'd like a custom piece of art, click here and we'll get started!

Peter Quinn, Abstract Painter, Philadelphia

Newly emerging artist Peter Quinn's work will delight and capture your attention. The time he spent in his youth self-learning music, sports and art has laid the groundwork for his fearless pursuit of capturing the world around him on canvas. Peter studied painting at University of the Arts and   at The Art Students League of New York.He was selected by the University of Pennsylvania to create a piece that represents the relationship between the brain pathways and the creation of art. In his own words... "As an artist, I feel it is my job to fill in the voids of the unknown and unreal. Through my art I want people to question what lies in front of them rather than accepting things as they seem. My artwork illustrates the potential that exists in the levels of the human mind through exploration. Because of my inability to take things as they are, I construct the alternate route in an attempt to make sense of the unfathomable. Through exploration of the human mind, inspiration can be found." Peter would be more than happy to talk to you about creating a piece.



 Robert G. Bertone, Artist, New York

Robert's art will make you smile every time you look at it! Being a self-educated artist allowed him to create and establish his trademark style at an early age. His art has been showcased in galleries internationally. Robert's whimsical and suggestive art is enhanced by his genius of composition and color. Just imagine a large piece becoming a focal point of your space. I can easily design the room around it to compliment its beautiful colors. Robert Bertone


George Zapata, Illustrator, New Jersey

Illustrations, story boards and comics are George's passion. Shown here are a few of his interpretations of the world around him. They are uncanny, memorable and portray George's optimistic and slightly off kilter sense of humor. His use of color is uncomplicated and effective. He'll create a piece for you based upon your own storyline or idea.

George Zapata