The color palette is the single most important element to  my designs. It sets the stage for a space and announces it's mood. I design the palette based upon your personality and interests. It can be inspired by nature, the built environment, memory and emotion. The palette encompasses paint, fabrics, flooring and all other materials in relation to each other and how they are perceived in the light of your room.

For example, a blue painted wall may look pale blue in sunlight, greenish blue next to a green sofa in room lighting during the day, and slate blue in room lighting at night.  This phenomenon called metamerism. I've studied this concept to understand how colors change in different  light, how colors relate to one and other and how individual people perceive colors differently.

This is why I'll come bearing color palettes in the space where they'll be used. My clients truely understand and delight in the outcome of this exercise once they experience the beauty of their completed room.  You'll appreciate the harmony of the palette and love how the mood of the space changes from day to night.

Because color is so important in design, I offer color consultation & services to you in the following ways:

  1. Paint color consultation from a single room to an entire house.
  2. Color and pattern palettes that include wall, floor, ceiling, furniture, rugs, window treatments, art and accessories.
  3. Trade professional painters and wallpaper installers who understand the importance of using quality materials and detailed workmanship.

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