Design Process


All about you....

This first step in the design process is the "getting to know you " phase. Who lives or works here and what are your relationships? How do live now and what are the possibilities for the future? My process begins by getting to know you on a  personal level so that the design reflects your needs & wishes.  At this point, I document the physical parameters of the space and how it needs to function.  The measuring and photographing take place here.  We'll also establish a budget and time frame for your project.



Where the fun begins...

What makes you happy? What do you love to do? Where do you enjoy being? This is when we'll talk and look at your possessions and pictures that inspire you. This information allows me to create the feel and mood of a space and design your individual material and color palette.

My beach-inspired rooms will not have furniture made of shells and nets entangled with anchors hanging from the wall; you'll find beach inspired colors, textures of grasses and rocks and the luminance of sea glass.

In my zen rooms, you won't find a sand & rock garden, a prefabricated wall fountain or an iconic sculpture from a culture which you have no connection to. Instead, the space is a custom-designed environment that brings about peace, meditation and relaxation.

I use materials and color to invoke the essence of a place so that you can relate to it. so that you can relate to it.



What I do best...

Designing is where my creative and analytical halves come together and party! This is my passion and what I'm best at: designing beautiful custom interiors.

I'll cook up a few designs and present them to you.  I want you to choose which one speaks to you. It can even be a combination of designs that will create a new option.

The design is the roadmap I use to create a new space. It contains specific concepts, objects, materials, dimensions and colors that makes a functional and inspiring environment when it all comes together.



The grand finale...

The last step of the design process is the most rewarding.

This is were all of the planning comes into being. After any construction that may be needed is complete, the wall, ceiling and flooring material are installed and the room starts to come alive. Next comes furniture, rugs, window treatments, lighting, art and accessories.

I work several ways with my clients in regards to the purchase of products. Depending upon what works best for your time and budget, I can specify items that you can purchase online, shop with you at your favorite stores or you can purchase through me  at   resources and warehouses that are only open to design trade professionals.

Voila... Click here to begin your beautiful inspiring interiors.