My designs are inspired by color.

Who are you? What inspires you to create, to relax, to re-energize?

Color evokes feelings and creates moods that I translate into my interiors. The inspiration for color can be taken from the physical (like a favorite piece or art, or the space itself ), the memory (a recollection of a place you've been), or can create an emotion (excitement, tranquility, whimsey). The colors associated with these become the spirit of a room. As my client, you are the key component in the design process. Together we muse and discuss what inspires you and how we can make it an integral part in the design of your space.

For instance....

I recently met with a client who hired me to design her  home in Portland, Maine. We met to discuss her project on Cliff Island and we spent the day hiking through the beautiful trails that wind through the island.  I took pictures along the way, from which I designed several color palettes for her to choose from. I'm using them to choose the wood, glass, textiles, metals, wall covering, light, paint, ceramics and stone that will be used in her home. Other than being colors that work well together, her home will remind her of the beautiful landscapes of the island. Here are the palettes that I gave her.

In the case of this dining room, the art piece sets the color inspiration directly to the design. Being that it was a rather large oil painting (6' x 4'), it became the focal point of the space. The wall color was selected first so the painting would stand out against it. The materials, textures and colors of the slate table top, painted metal base, wood floor, natural woven chairs, metal & crystal chandelier and table top accents were chosen to compliment the colors in art work.

Oftentimes, the architecture of a space will become the inspiration for the design. The dark colors of this outdated family room gave the client a depressed feeling. I created the fireplace as the architectural focal point and tied the rest of  the room together by using crown moulding.  More lighting was added to reflect light off of the white ceiling   and highlight the new fireplace wall.  Together with the client, we chose a bright & cheery color palette of whites, yellows and blues. The new design, materials and colors brought life back into this room.

So now you see how I interpret color in relationship to interior design and how it becomes the spirit and soul of a space. If this sounds interesting to you too, call me. I'd love to talk to you about your project.

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