Oh Carol…

Transforming my bedroom into a beach at the age of twelve was a mission that was abruptly terminated. I quickly discovered that no company listed in the yellow pages would even discuss with me the delivery of enough sand to cover one hundred and twenty square feet of my bedroom floor. I had planned on laying plastic sheeting on top of the hard wood to protect it. A rowboat would be a sufficient dimension and shape to fit a custom cut foam mattress. The wall sized mural of a palm tree-lined beach was already installed and the other walls were already painted a sand coIor. So naturally, I could not understand for the life of me why my parents were in hysterics about my blueprints for transforming the mundane space into a tropical oasis. This childhood dream became the foundation for my professional life.

"How long have you been doing interior design?" Well...
technically, ever since I as twelve.

Hello there, I'm Carol Gambale. I'm a New Jersey Certified Interior Designer with a bachelors degree in Architecture. I have been designing professionally for over twenty years and have even been given a certification number to share with you: 21ID00013200. But more important than any title or degree, I love what I do and am passionate about my work. I've always had an obsession with color, art, and design. My architectural study began in the States and wound though Italy and England. This international exposure to design has all been part of the path that has led me to my greatest passion.
Today my architectural design background brings a different eye to my interiors.

My designs are inspired by color.

Colors evoke feelings and can be taken from a favorite piece of art, a recollection of a place you've been, or a memory that wants to be treasured. As my client, you are a crucial part of the design process. Together we muse and learn about what inspires you and how it can become an integral part of the design of your space.

So, even if your dream is a tropical oasis, take a look around my website. I do hope you like what you see. My passion lies in bringing your ideas and dreams to life in your home.

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